18pcs Silicone Face Stickers Wrinkle Stickers Reusable

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18pcs Silicone Face Stickers Wrinkle Stickers Reusable

18pcs Silicone Face Stickers Wrinkle Stickers Reusable

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Features:1. Consolidation treatment: Consolidation treatment can effectively prevent loose and smooth wrinkles caused by aging skin, or even sun damage on the sleeping side, thereby consolidating the appearance of the skin.2. Material: Environmentally friendly organic materials provide comfort, soft touch, non-irritating, tasteless, reusable and clean comfort, and can be safely reused.3. Comfort: The ergonomic shape design can fit your forehead, eyes, cheeks and chin comfortably, and will not fall off easily. You can enjoy carefree skin care. Remove it with water after each use , And then dry naturally.4. Easy to clean with water: according to the behavior and frequency of the application, durability for several weeks can be guaranteed.Specifications:Material: SiliconeColor: colorless and transparentTimes of use: 15 timesProduct size: 19.5x15cmPackage size/weight: 19.5x16x0.3cm, 0.135kgInstructions:1. Clean the skin first, do not have moisture and sweat, do not apply any skin care products2. Tear off the sticker from the bottom mold3. The room temperature is about 26 , keep it in a state of not sweating, and stick the wrinkles where you need it4. After use, stick the wrinkle back to the bottom mold for next usePrecautions:Not recommended for sensitive skin.Normal use about 15 times, if it is not sticky, you can rinse the adhesive surface with water, and the viscosity will recover after natural dryingIt is recommended to use it within 1-2 hours for the first time, and the subsequent use time will be appropriately extended according to the skin adaptabilityProduct List:18pcs: Forehead sticker: 1 piece, 12.5x3cmT-zone sticker: 1 piece, 9x5.3cmEye patch: 2 pieces, 6.8x2.8cmNasal pattern stickers: 2 pieces, 7.2x2cmLip stickers: 6 pieces, 3.2x0.8cmMulti-use triangle stickers: 4 pieces, 3.5x4cmNeck sticker: 1 piece, 19x5.8cmTriangle chest sticker: 1 piece, 13.8x13.5cm

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