20 Piece Cable Management Organiser 10 Cable Holders 10 Cable

449,00 Kč
+ 387,99 Kč Doprava

20 Piece Cable Management Organiser 10 Cable Holders 10 Cable

20 Piece Cable Management Organiser 10 Cable Holders 10 Cable

Cena: 449,00 Kč
449,00 Kč + 387,99 Kč Doprava


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Product description Material: TPR Color: black, white Quantity: 20pcs10 cable clamps+10 cable tie Package content:10 cable clamp + 10 cable tie 1.Variety and practical cable clips: A total of 20 pieces in 4 different holder designs for your individual needs: 4 x a slot, 2 x double slot, 2 x triple slot, 2 x penta slot, 10 x cable ties. 2.Material: Made of extremely durable, flexible neoprene, which can bundle multiple cables without tearing and protect cables from traffic and chewing pets. 3.Storage and protection: Our cable management case keeps your office and home tidy without more tangled cables causing an unsightly mess. The small, space-saving and at the same time unobtrusive cable clips fit seamlessly into any environment with their modern design and can be attached almost anywhere. 4. More useSuitable for children and pets, to protect children and prevent pet bites. The product can also be used in car mobile, automation equipment and computer lines, especially in environments where protection and heat dissipation are required. 5.Strong Sticky Make sure the surfaces are clean smooth, oil-free, dust-free and water free.Aluminum alloy has the best effect.; To avoid any damage or ugly mark on the surface,Please don't move the clips optionally because of strong adhensive.

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