24 Pcs Yellow Sticky Fruit Fly Fungus Gnat Catcher

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24 Pcs Yellow Sticky Fruit Fly Fungus Gnat Catcher

24 Pcs Yellow Sticky Fruit Fly Fungus Gnat Catcher

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Yellow fly catcher adhesive traps - bright colours attract insects in flight. High quality adhesive can prevent insects from escaping. It has been specially developed for plant pests in flight. Very suitable for outdoor or indoor plants, especially potted plants.Environmentally friendly fly catcher adhesive trap: fly trap contains only strong viscose, non-toxic, environmentally friendly; it will not release harmful gases and cause adverse reactions, nor will it affect the growth of plants. Can be used with confidence.Fighting fungus gnats - yellow trap mourning mosquito for fighting gnats, very sticky, UV-resistant and waterproof; suitable for fruit flies, mosquitoes, drills and all flying insects; they do not need to be replaced before they are completely covered.Pest control and decoration: 24 pieces yellow stickers and 35 accessories, the patterns include bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and mushrooms; approx. 11 x 7 cm (hummingbirds), the beautiful patterns do not affect the decoration of the plants and there is no chemical smell.

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