2.4G Wireless Microphone Audio Signal Transceiver Module Board

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2.4G Wireless Microphone Audio Signal Transceiver Module Board

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2.4G Wireless Microphone Audio Signal Transceiver Module Board

  • Značka: Unbranded
1 pairReceiving moduleTransmitter module
Cena: 1 099,00 Kč
1 099,00 Kč + 103,49 Kč Doprava


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feature 1: Exclusive 2.4G codec encryption and decryption algorithm, strong transmission confidentiality 2: The wireless transmission distance is 20-30 meters (test in an open environment without blocking) 3: Adopt adaptive frequency hopping communication algorithm, strong anti-interference 4: Support reverberation and noise reduction functions 5: Simple pairing and connection 6: Low latency (15-20ms) Technical Specifications (Transmitter Module) Working voltage: 3.3-5.0V Working current: 14mA Working frequency: 2.400-2.485GHZ RF output power: +6dbm Antenna Type: PCB Onboard Antenna Audio ADC sampling rate: 16Bit/48Khz/64Kbps Audio ADC frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz Microphone Sensitivity: -36db Dimensions: 24.5x15.3x3mm Weight: 1g Transmission delay: 15-20ms (the delay from the input audio signal at the transmitter to the output audio signal at the receiver) Communication distance: 20-30 meters (open and unobstructed environment) Transmission method: one send and one receive 1: button Short press: cyclically select the noise reduction level, and cycle between "noise reduction off" => "mild noise reduction" => "moderate noise reduction" => "deep noise reduction", each time you turn on the power, the default "noise reduction off" ". Long press: long press for 2 seconds to clear the pairing memory, and re-search for nearby receivers. After the receiver is found, it will automatically connect and memorize, and it will automatically connect to the memorized device next time it is powered on. Double-click: Double-click the button each time to switch between "open reverb/close reverb", and default "close reverb" every time you start the machine. Note: About noise reduction: The noise reduction function can effectively remove ambient noise such as wind noise, vehicle driving noise, mixed human voices in a noisy environment. Of course, it is not that the higher the noise reduction intensity, the better. The higher the noise reduction intensity, the more your own voice will be intercepted. You can choose the noise reduction level according to the specific use environment. About reverb: The reverb function can produce multiple gradually weakened reverberation effects, which can beautify the human voice, suitable for singing and speech environments. 2: Status indicator The status indicator is red and blue two-color lights, the following are several status descriptions Waiting for connection (no connection): red and blue flashing alternately (red light on for 500ms, blue light on for 500ms) Connected: The blue light flashes twice within 5 seconds 3: 0R resistor connected in series with the onboard microphone signal Removing this resistor disconnects the signal input from the onboard microphone to the chip. If the on-board microphone is not required, use an external microphone or input audio signal directly, disconnect this resistor to cut off the signal of the on-board microphone. 4: Onboard electret microphone 5: Input and output wiring pads (1): 3.3-5V: positive power input, input voltage range 3.

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