The Stormy Day by Anna Milbourne

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The Stormy Day by Anna Milbourne

The Stormy Day by Anna Milbourne

Cena: 149,00 Kč
149,00 Kč + 141,49 Kč Doprava

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Storms can be scary especially for little children. In singsong text this comforting tale about a stormy day by the sea tells children all about what happens in a storm. The wind is loud the clouds big and black and that grumbly noise in the sky is thunder. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles and if you count you can tell if the storm is coming or going away. But theres nothing to worry about all storms pass. After the storm comes calm again and lots of interesting things to find on the b
  • Značka: Unbranded
  • Kategorie: Citáty
  • Počet stránek: 22
  • Jazyk: English
  • Datum zveÅ™ejnÄ›ní: 2021-11-11
  • Autor: Anna Milbourne
  • Formát: Board book
  • Vydavatel / označení: Usborne Publishing Ltd

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