Mini Massage Ball Stress Balls Toy Squishying Squeezeing Sensory

724,00 Kč
doprava ZDARMA

Mini Massage Ball Stress Balls Toy Squishying Squeezeing Sensory

Mini Massage Ball Stress Balls Toy Squishying Squeezeing Sensory

Cena: 724,00 Kč
724,00 Kč doprava ZDARMA

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Mini Massage Ball Stress Balls Toy squishying Squeezeing Stress Ball Sensory Toy Massage Muscle Relaxation PVC Shaft Foot Massage Roller Plantar Fascia Ball Feature: 1. Suitable age: children / adults / elderly 2. Suitable parts: hand, foot, neck, shoulder, arm, back, waist, etc. 3. Functional effects: Sedentary and long-term habits in front of the computer make the blood circulation poor, resulting in soreness of the cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, which can cause cervical and lumbar protrusions. Office workers are busy and often do not have time to exercise. Use this massager to massage the whole body part while working and learning. At the same time, the hand holding the massager is also properly exercised. Use it to soothe nervous nerves, so you can easily enjoy the massage comfort and eliminate fatigue. It can be carried with you without a battery. Enjoy the comfort of a massage in the office, at home, and on the go. 4. How to use: Can be placed on the palm, sole or limb, by pressing and rolling 5. Back massage: from top to bottom, first head, neck, back, waist or abdomen, limbs, first massage the left side of the body, then massage the right side of the body 6. Chest massage: The midline of the abdomen is drenched from top to bottom with a body brush. The sides of the chest are bounded by the frontal midline of the body, respectively, and the left and right (left and right) are brushed from the inside to the outside along the ribs, paying attention to avoiding the nipple 7. Abdominal massage: the abdomen is dredged from the top to the bottom (the visceral drooping should be dredged from the bottom to the top) Enjoy massage comfort anytime, anywhere Life is easier Product name: massage ball Product material: rubber Product specifications: 2.5cm Product packaging: opp Package includes: 6/12x stress ball

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