Peppermint high strength professional flavouring.

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Peppermint high strength professional flavouring.

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Cena: 624,00 Kč
624,00 Kč + 343,99 Kč Doprava


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 Ingredients - Natural and Artificial flavours, Propylene Glycol. Peppermint has a strong and authentic peppermint taste. Best described as a mixture of cool mint and menthol, Peppermint Concentrate will freshen up your airways and leave your palate cool and refreshed if you use it as a stand-alone flavouring. Use sparingly as this flavour is quite strong.   With over 250 flavours to choose from Our Flavours offers the most diverse and delicious line of water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavoring. A diverse and delicious line of water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavoring. Our flavours contain no fats, calories or preservatives. The highly concentrated nature of our flavours allows us to deliver a superior flavour concentrate, free from preservatives and stabilizers. Enjoy deep aroma, dense concentration and unparalleled taste. Our Flavours are proudly made with the finest ingredients. Some of the many uses include - Diet Shakes, Smoothies and Protein drinks, Baking and Frosting, Breakfasts, Oatmeal and Puddings, Skinny Cocktails, Martinis, Margaritas and Mojitos, Coffee, Tea, Espressos and Lattes, Sodas and Flavored Water, Desserts, Sherberts and Shave Ice , Lip Balm, Lip Gloss and Cosmetics. Zero fats, calories or sweeteners. No preservatives, stabilizers or potassium sorbate. Corn and peanut free Gluten-free and vegan friendly. Our drops contain no animal products of any kind. Guilt free. Create sugar free low-calorie drink and food alternatives. Perfect for diabetics. No Calories, No Fat, No Sodium, No Sugars, No Protein. Total Carbohydrates 0.
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  • Prodal(a): Galax-E-Juice

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